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HotConference is truly a one of a kind opportunity. Software that reaches all corners of the Online AND Offline community, this program is made to sell in large numbers. What's more, we boast an incredible referral program that very few companies can dare challenge. We are talking BIG payout with a product that anyone can sell.

Total company payout: 90%. Why such a big percentage? Simple. The more income we put into your pocket, the bigger your incentive to promote HotConference! Lets look at the numbers:

 4x10 forced matrix

Our 4X10 in your pocket plan is setup in a way that everyone involved will make earnings. You get 25% commission on your first level, and 5% for the next 9 levels. Hold on! It gets better! You also get a 20% bonus on every direct referral for levels 2 all the way to 10!

Right now, you might be saying "Ok, that sounds good, but I have a hard time recruiting members". We thought of that too! We use a forced matrix which creates spill over for everyone. Let's say that your sponsor filled his first level and you are in his front line. If he signs up another member, that new member goes down his line to fill his other levels. What does that mean? It means that your sponsor is filling your levels for you! And believe me, your sponsor will be glad to give you signups since he will earn a total of 25% on those sales. He gets 5% for the second level signup, plus a 20% bonus for the direct referral!

Now you see the awesome potential of our in your pocket plan. You can easily have a matrix that puts out 25% first level commissions and 25% commissions the rest of the way down. AND, the forced matrix makes sure that everyone involved has the chance to build a downline.

From the following example you can see how quickly the income can pile up. This is an example of a downline built on spill over. Meaning that the member relied on his upline/downline to do all the work. Throw in a few 20% direct referral bonuses to this example, and the money we put in your pocket goes from incredible to absolutely amazing!


In your pocket commission

Earn this
monthly Commission
Total monthly income per level
$2 378 771.71
Join kiosk Join kiosk Join kiosk Join kiosk Join kiosk
Total potential monthly income $3 165 061.94



 Private labeled (in your company name) rooms

Sell these rooms under your own company name, at your own price, with your own logo. We don't care if your customers don't know we exist! The only stipulation is that you do NOT sell these rooms for less than our minimum suggested retail price which is $29.99 per room. Hey, I've seen rooms of this magnitude sell for more than $500 each! That would be over $470.00 a month in YOUR pocket!

Let's take a quick peak at the profit potentials at both ends; retail markup and the forced matrix.

If you sell a hundred rooms at $44.99 monthly, $4499.00 gross minus $899.80 expenses is $3599.20 a month in your pocket! Folks, I've seen 100 rooms sold in under 6 hours!

Taking our income potentials one step further, not only do you get matrix commissions, but you also get matrix commissions based on any resellers in your downline. Let's take the same wholeseller who buys $899.80 worth of rooms at wholesale, you get 5% of that, too.

Let's say you have 10 resellers that would be an additional $449.50 you would make every single month.

So to recap, with the very realistic examples above there are 3 ways you make money with

1. Wholesale-retail profit, an $8.99 room can sell as high as $500.00
2. Referring people into the matrix.
3. Collecting 5% commission on all resellers in your downline, too!

Don't wait, join the most amazing software and compensation plan on the internet today!

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